Tuesday, October 31


Progress one step at a time

Paul's Purple Ball was all the trio of Bruce, Stephen & Paul needed today. No BBB, no Darth Ball needed just time and repetitions. Paul was trying very hard to get that front foot down on his throws and in the process increased the velocity of his throws noticeably. It really is empowering to feel yourself generate force with the ball. Stephen's right shoulder is injured and he compensates for his lack of power with a higher tempo in locomotion and in the process also generates an increase in velocity, but his is from the ball being carried through space faster and not from an explosive effort. His right shoulder will simply not allow him to put that level of force into the throw. I am going to have him concentrate on his non-dominate side to see if he can discover the ability to sling the ball with great force. Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 26



This whole week has been about getting ready for Zamboree. That is the annual carnival held at Zilker Elementary School just before Halloween. As dutiful dads our group was very involved. But, fortunately, our workouts went on without a hitch.
These guys are Fly Boys or Biplane pilots from THE WWI era about to partake of a little medicine ball tossing.

Thursday, October 19


The Great White Hope

Jim Jeffries was the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World from 1899 - 1905. In this photo, Jeffries is in training for his 1910 comeback fight against world champion Jack Johnson, the first Texan to win the heavyweight boxing championship of the world. Jim, K.O.ed in the 15th round, was attempting to be the redeemer of the white race by recapturing the title...end of story. Jeffries had come out of retirement to become the first of many so-called "great white hopes." The medicine ball he is holding uses a baseball stitching pattern; one of the many styles you can find during this era. He also has on some interesting togs; how about that sash around his waist and those tight pants or maybe he shaved his legs. Anyway, great posture relatively speaking and both feet are on the ground, though posed. This was the position I was trying to get Robert and Paul into today while in locomotion. Until one has established their base there cannot be an efficient transfer of force or in other words, you won't throw the ball with much velocity with only one foot on the ground. I am sure Jim would agree you need a strong base to give or receive a hard punch.

Thursday, October 12


The Second Thursday of October

This is the day, the second Thursday in October, we designate as our yearly anniversary. Bruce and Robert started working out last year and within a few weeks Craig had joined up as well. So, the trio worked together today to reminised with a 3 kg ball. Paul and Stephen used Paul's Purple Ball and added an additional set to each movement of The Daily Dozen, just to even things out time wise with the original group of three.
Nice knee lift, ol' pard'...


Another rainy Day Tuesday

Threatening rain could not, would not deter our intrepid group today. Even as the rain poured down we persevered. No one spoke of slick balls or water in my eyes. No one thought to delay until fairer weather dawned. No this group of medballers have seen these kind of conditions before. Of course, it helped that it was only 80 degrees and no lighting, but did I say this was an intrepid group, wet but determined. Bruce & Stephen and Paul & Robert these brave souls are the true medballers. Quite unlike the fairweather girliman beefcake in our photo today; ahhh, nice arms though. This guy was last seen at Hippy Hollow.

Thursday, October 5


Dynamic Transfer of Force

Our exercise revolves around the rotation; pun intended. We use rotations to introduce an exercise and to follow or chase an exercise. All human movement incorporates rotation though the trunk. It is usually the lower body leading the action but in the case of jumping the upper body leads. You can find out about this
"dynamic transfer of force" by clicking on the above link, and reading the section on Solo Exercise.
Interestingly, our group has been meeting for 1 year this week. We strive to rotate with precision; accuracy is of the upper most importance to us. Over the course of this first year we have literally done tens of thousands of rotations as a group. It is through this precision that we seek a more upright posture and greater balance coupled with the complete general conditioning of ourselves. Today, Bruce, Robert and Paul used Paul's Purple Ball in pursuit of that end.

Tuesday, October 3


Some days you just get it done and move on.

We met, we worked, we left. Pass the lettuce, please.

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