Tuesday, November 28


Vintage Medicine Balls

This vintage medicine ball is typical of European design. I have one of these made by a German company it is inscribed Berg, medizinball, 2000 gr and it stuffed with raindeer hair. Robert, Bruce and Stephen worked out today with a 3kg ball.

Tuesday, November 21


More Collecting, Thanksgiving Day & a Birthday

Use of a sling has been around for some time. The strap being incorporate into the ball goes way back. Spauding made the older looking ball in these photos. I wanted it, but the starting bid was $500.00. This other ball is available in Europe and Dynamax has offer a ball with fabs that a strap can be attached to for over 20 years.
Bruce and Paul met on Tuesday, and planned to meet on Thanksgiving Day but Bruce never showed. On Friday my daughter Viviana turned 11 years old. Her party was a last weekend but her Grandmother came to town and a big party and much merriment was had by all.

Tuesday, November 14


Medicine Ball Collecting

How about these old medballs with a baseball stitch pattern? It was a popular closure style in the late 19th and early 20th centurys. I have one in my personal collection of vintage medicine balls. This week I was out with some weird sickness, so I missed both workouts. Our group of Paul, Robert, Stephen & Craig keep things going.

Thursday, November 9


Austin is so fine this time of the year.

We have to thank our friends over at Dynamax Medicine Balls for the illustrations from the last 4 workouts and a few more prior. The thigh drive is a very interesting exercise. We try to achieve a position similar to sprinting following the sticking of the ball. That would entail extension through the spine and the striking knee up parallel to the ground in the finish position. Additionally, one's center is driving forward; out of balance but in control leading to a smooth and rhythmic transition of pace. It is also possible to move the arms in opposition to the legs to even more closely represent the position of sprinting. Craig, Bruce, Robert & Paul represented well today.

Tuesday, November 7


Three and Then There Were Four

Craig and Bruce got started warming up as Stephen finished his jog around the grounds. The three got started with their Daily Dozen right on time. Robert arrived during the knee drives and teamed with Stephen with an old 3 kg ball while Bruce and Craig were on the 4 kg ball Bruce prefers. Stephen continues his non-dominate focus and Robert his eye on the ball focus. Bruce and Craig chatted on about PTA business as they worked. Paul was nowhere to be seen.

Saturday, November 4


And More Progress

Paul made his showing and left early but duty calls; he had a field trip with his child's class. Stephen is making medical progress with his shoulder. He bought into the non-dominate focus and interestingly leveled up when using both hands as in the 2 arm putt. Bruce was his usual self, but he seems to have set upon a very efficient rotation style where he captures more free energy; more to follow. Big Movie Night at Zilker Friday Night, "How to Eat Fried Worms" showing on a big inflatable screen.

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