Thursday, March 22


FirstSport or SecondSport, How Does One Choose?

Can someone please tell me what these people are doing. Is this some sort of new hybrid game? Are they trying to experience the unbalanced effect of large breasts? Are they just transporting the medicine balls across the room or field, in a hurry? Maybe, keep away; they both look somewhat possessive towards their balls? Or, possibility a misguided overload drill.

Tuesday, March 20


Once again, Back from the Dead.

Two weeks of the flu in my family really got me ready for a different kind of medicine ball. This photo is of a early 20th century laxative which may or may not have been what I needed. Fortunately, Robert and I got together last Thursday during Spring Break at Zilker Elem. This morning Stephen, Robert and Myself got our workout in. Paul of Paul's Purple Ball told us he has Pneumonia and may miss the next few workouts. Is that catchy? I certainly hope everyone is staying healthy. Maybe a flu shot next year may not be such a bad idea; any comments? This posting covers the last 3 weeks.

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