Thursday, June 14


Early Birds Are Catching the Worms

Robert, Paul, Alister, me and "countless of yet to show up others" are persevering though this summer with our 7 am Monday & Thursday medicine ball workouts. Today's featured medicine ball exercise is the One Arm Under Hand throw, or as Paul likes to call it, Bowling. But, since in bowling lofting the ball is prohibited I will continue to frown at Paul when he calls it that. Interestingly, this also is our most difficult movement. I like to over coach this movement because it reveals nearly all the flaws one has in their movement patterns. This way I give food for thought that will last the entire workout. Additionally, it is out first throw so we are fresh and attentive.

Tuesday, June 5


Mutt & Jeff

Alister and I worked out today. Alister is about 5' 7" and I am 6' 7". Our routine is a cooperative exercise. The difference in stature presents interesting dynamics seen in the flight of the ball. Does Alister have to fight gravity and throw up hill? And, do I get to use gravity to further accentuate my advantage in leverage and strength? Or, can the field be leveled; both figuratively and literally? How I use my leg answers the questions. I need to lower myself while catching; allowing Alister to accurately deliver the ball to the target within proper parameters for a person of his stature. And, because I have to take some power off the ball, I need to lengthen my stride to facilitate the lowering of my release point. The lengthening of my stride loads my legs and I have to concentrate on my core to a greater degree to maintain the accuracy I need. This flexible use of the medicine ball gives both players a payoff in exercise, and challenges them to accurately complete the routine. Thereby adhering to our motto of "Fun Work & Hard Play".
Our summer times are Mon & Thur at 7 am, see you there.

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