Thursday, December 13


One Medicine Ball & 4 Guys

Rain on Tuesday; Paul and I were careful to not drop the medicine ball and get it wet. Stephen & Alister worked the other medicine ball. The court was soaking wet. The showing was made.
Today, people just kept showing up with just one ball. 4 players on 1 medicine ball makes for a possible slow workout. Enter creativity, After you finished your rep you ran a lap around the court, then cycled back in as your turn come up again. Heart rates stayed elevated and the reps sped up as well. Robert showed up late and was not allowed to join. I made him warm-up with knee lifts and core work as the rest of us finished. Then I took him through the paces.
Oh, that is Donovan Bailey of Canada in the photo; see the post from July 25, 2006 for more on him. He won the 1996 Olympic Gold Metal in the 100m dash and set a new world record (09.84 seconds) in the process. We did not run quite that fast around the court.

Tuesday, December 4


Darth Ball surfaces in San Francisco?

Has Darth Ball, Robert's goon ball, has found its way to the West Coast NFL San Francisco 49ers? Notice the size of this guy, Larry Allen, his body weight is 325 lbs. at 6' 3". He can probably 1RM bench press over 450 lbs. and 25+ repetitions at 220 lb., a standard test in football. But, the medicine ball helps him bring all that power online to become functional strength. He is working on timing his pass blocking, where he contacts the medicine ball at just the right moment to deliver a stopping blow to the defender. Notice his footwork and erect torso; he is set to hit from the toes up to the hands. If you walked into this blow it would be like being run over by a truck. Better to just watch on TV.
According to someone Mr. Allen can Bench press 1Rep Max 700 pounds and do 50 reps on the 220lb. endurance test. So, in that case, if you walked into this blow it would be more like being run over by a Greyhound bus rather than a mere truck.

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