Tuesday, June 27


Happy Birthday Isabella!

June 27 & 29, 2006
This photo is in honor of Bruce's daughter Isabella; today (06/27) is her birthday, she's six and Bruce was not at the workout today because of it. Robert & Paul did a great service to the group by being there and carrying the torch or the 3kg ball as the case may be.
Thursday's group was Bruce, Robert & Paul. This routine was shortened to only 2 sets per movement with the 3 kg ball; we had to finish early. With an uptempo pace and much huffing and puffing, we finish on time and satisfied. See you Tuesday July 4th; should be a ball of a time with lots of fireworks and explosions.

Tuesday, June 13



Timing can be a problem in many ways. Solo medicine ball can be so lonely and fuzzy as far a exercise objectives go. Bruce, who just returned from a European vacation, called around to see if the old group was still meeting. The only answers were at different times. Bruce did a solo routine and was gone b/4 8am. He found out later that there was an 8 am meeting. Maybe things will be back to normal on Thursday, but there is nothing normal about this group.

Thursdays workout starts at 7:15am.
The gang's all here. These guys are playing Hooverball a board the USS Indiana in 1944. Stephen & Paul arrived on time, followed shortly by Bruce. Robert made it a short time later. The new start time worked out well and lots of "fun work & hard play" was had by all.

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