Tuesday, July 25


Keep on Keeping On

Entry for July 25 & 27, 2006
In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, Donavon Bailey of Canada became the Olympic 100 m Champion and set the World Record, 9.84 seconds, in the process. I had the pleasure of working with Donavon in Austin, TX, as part of his support staff, leading up to the Olympics. This week Robert & Bruce keep the group going, with 2 great workouts Using BBB of course. Just 2 more week b/4 school starts and the gang will be back together.

Tuesday, July 18


Medballing as an Olympic sport?

Entry for July 18 & 20, 2006
Tuesday's group assembled late with Paul, Robert getting started and Bruce arriving well after that. Bruce was uncommonly grumpy with his sore foot and all, but Paul and Robert were able to bring him around with a few well placed jibes about Medballing as an Olympic sport. Which brings us to Helga & Olga with their performance in synchronized medballing. A good showing and good efforts to end the day.
Thursday brought a brighter group of the same guys. The 12 pounder, "ol Blue", got the best from everyone. Even Craig had a comio appearance today assuring us all that he was coming back after a summer camping with the kids. It looks like the group will indeed survive the summer and start a new school year on Augest 15th.

Monday, July 10


Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Entry for July 10, 2006
Gene Tunney was the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World from 1926 to 1929. I wander how hard he could have thrown a 2 handed overhead with the medball. One would need to focus, and keep your eye on the ball. But, maybe Paul, Stephen and Robert have some idea after catching Bruce. The group has elected to start at 7:00 Thursday morning. Look for a full and taxing workout. See you then; all are welcome.

Tuesday, July 4


E Publius Unum; Out of Many, One

July 04 & 06, 2006
The holiday brought on a spontanious no show; You go USA, E Publius Unum baby.
Thursday brought a return of the magic. Bruce, Paul & Robert made the showing and a good time was had by all. Particularly, Bruce who said he was now using more foul language since seeing Lewis Black live at the Bass Concert Hall. Speaking of foul language, that's John McGraw, of the NY Yankees, in our photo; he was one of the first coaches to take physical conditioning seriously. Additionally, he also took other things serious as well. It was rumored that he carried a piece of rope in his pocket that he claimed came from a negro hanging. Ol' John may have been a little too intense for most of US. On a brighter note, we will see you Tuesday.

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