Tuesday, November 11


It's Raining Medicine Balls, and ah, Golf clubs?

Our medicine ball group has broken the gender gap! Or at least, we have had the pleasure of females attending our workouts on Tuesday and Thursday. I am told they did just fine. And, being Dr. Medicine Ball, I say it is about time. Our medicine ball group has been single gender for far too long, and women are and have been more than welcome to join.
Interestingly, females tend to be more drill oriented and males tend to be more scrimmage oriented. And, our routine has both drill and scrimmage aspects to it. Liken to the practice and training relationship in sports conditioning. Hey, that would be a fun subject to explore on this blog. So, I, Dr. Medicine Ball, thinks we can learn something from each other, and be enriched and empowered by the experiential aspect of our workouts. Or, just maybe we will have a full house at the workouts. We still have to "make our showing".

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