Friday, September 26


Something for Everyone

Our medicine ball group is open to all interested parties. On the second Thursday of October this year we will be celebrating our 3rd year of continuous regular workouts. We now have 2 groups actually. A MWF group and a TTh group. Paul and I (Dr Medicine Ball) meet on MWF and Robert (a charter member of our group) brings his arsenal of medicine balls every TTh; I usually join him on Tue. We are trying to deal with the miss conception that we are a "closed" group; we are not a "men only" or "hired $$ training" group. We are an open to everyone group at no charge. We are a medicine ball exercise group that hopes to spread our ways in a cooperative & non-competitive format. We are considering advertising in the area neighborhood newsletters inviting all to join us. Although we may need to have some help on how many new medicine balls we will need to keep everyone active. A problem we welcome. SO, throw open the doors and put yourself out there and come on by. After we drop off the kids at Zilker Elementary School, we meet on the basketball courts on Ann Arbor behind the school or maybe the tennis courts on Bluebonnet if a class needs the BB courts. That's every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning for a 7:50 to 8:00 am starting time. Your body will thank you. "Live Long and Prosper"

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