Tuesday, October 16


SECOND THURSDAY Come and Gone Again! Shocking!


FULL Body Tattoos, SHOCKING!!!!!!!

WHAT happened to this guys gym trunks?!?!?! SHOCKING!!

Rest assured, that on this Second-Thursday past of October, our medicine ball group, SHOCKINGLY!, is still meeting and making our showings every Tuesday & Thursday of (almost) every week. This being the milestone of our 7th, yes, our Seventh year of consistently tossing the Orb of Life. We are standing straighter and our bodies remain supple and though our minds may have slipped only slightly, we remain resolved to continue our meetings as long as Dr Medicine Ball continues to make & serve such good coffee. And, so be it resolved that Dr Medicine Ball will update this blog more that once a year, this auspiciousness occasion not withstanding, with wisdom of the Orb. Now go and keep your shirt & pants on and discover the secrets of medicine ball training.

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