Thursday, April 26


A Good Week

Workouts on Tuesday and Thursday were both good. Most everyone was there except Robert, and he was missed. Everyone is feeling motivated with better weather and consistent participation.
Today's picture is of a Seated Rotation. The focus is on the turning action. Getting your shoulders around and free swinging arms is the feel. You can do this exercise with a medicine ball or a brick, but watch out for those finished floors with the brick. Maybe big book would do better but we prefer medicine balls. Or find a friend or come out and join us at Zilker Elementary School in Austin, TX any Tue or Thur morning @ 8am on the covered court.

Tuesday, April 17


Almost, Another Rainy Day Tuesday

The Astros are at it again; Spring Training is over and the race to the World Series has begun. This photo shows long time Astros strength and conditioning coach, Dr. Gene Colman working out some promising baseball prospect. Our group was full of prospects to day with Paul, Stephen, Craig, Alister and myself going at before another rainy day Tuesday got going again.

Tuesday, April 10


Yet, Another Rainy Day Tuesday

I always like looking at this picture. I did all the touch up work on the drawing. It reminds me of the 4kg ball (8.8LB.) I took to Europe in the early 1990s to use with the track & field athletes I was working and traveling with. I would just put a baggage tag on it and check it. Invariably, at the baggage claims it would come bouncing and bumping down to be claimed. I think I will refer to this ball as "Triple B", Bruce's Black Ball. Today, I used that ball to introduce a new member of group to the medicine ball. Kevin has been running and felt something was missing for all the effort he was putting into to his workouts. It is always satisfying to intro someone new and listen to how they relate to using the medicine ball. Kevin felt the excitement that goes with catching the ball, and how you have to stay with the ball and not move away from it. I hope he becomes another regular.

Tuesday, April 3


Finally,a good week!

I have been feeling about as old as this 1905 copy of HEALTH. I just recently acquired it and have just started to cover the material. This cover illustration I very interesting in that there is a guy holding a gun in the center if the drawing. I think it is for an even start for the two pairs of exercisers. A serious Medicine Ball workout/game.

Our group today was made up of Paul with his PPB and Robert with his Jamaican or Baylor Bear Ball. A new addition to our group, Alister, is very athletic on the wirey side. He and I worked out together with the PPB and Paul, Robert and Craig were on the JBB. It was great to get a good workout in after 4 weeks of missed opportunities. I am looking forward to Thursdays workout!

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