Tuesday, February 20


Cats always land on their feet.

This cat is explosive and under control. Know how he did this movement? How about Newton's Laws, see any at work here? This guy must be a skateboarder or snowboarder. Whatever his discipline, he is in a highly integrated state with his general physical skills. Robert's Bear Ball (10#) returned to the group today. Bruce and he were joined by Craig near the end of the workout after he finished with Paul and Paul's Purple Ball (8#) Paul has to start early and leave early to make it to his lecture at UT.

Tuesday, February 13


Stacked Synergy

This photo demos orbits. You can do these in both directions. This week our group endured rain on Tuesday and frigid temperatures on Thursday. On Thursday, Robert brought out Darth Ball (14#) at Bruce's request. This made the workout focus on strength. With the increased weight, the timing and rhythm of the exercise changes. Awareness of the lower body's responsibility as our base and the leader of movement is enhanced as well. Stephen's new body awareness from his physical therapy really paid off today. One must remain "stacked" and in synergy simultaneously; this is what core strength is all about. In sport and visual arts when you see effortless play and movement you are witnessing stacked synergy.

Thursday, February 8


Turning, Turning, Turning...

This posting is for the weeks of January 22 th & February 5 th. The group has drifted in and out like the foul weather here in Austin. But, someone keeps showing up and working out. Today, Bruce (that's me rotating back in the day), Robert & Paul with Paul's Purple Ball (8#) in a steady rain and 48*. We barely got warmed up but we got through the workout. At times like that you have to focus on fundamentals. And, in a medicine ball workouts that means "turning". Complete turns, a complete follow-through, focusing on ones target and making complete turns. We only dropped the ball twice during the workout; not bad.

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