Thursday, May 31


The Boys are Back!

Robert and I completed this round of Tue & Thurs workouts. Starting next week our group will meet on Mon & Thurs at 7 am. We'll see you then.

Tuesday, May 29


Summer Solo

Jack Johnson knew a thing or two about medicine balls. He is pictured here in his "Sunday go to Meetings" doing a great medicine ball twist/rotation.
Just like Jack, but in my regular workout togs, I when it all alone today and also had a dark figure looking on but seemingly uninterested. I started with Good Mornings, Side Bends & Overhead Orbits followed by high knee lifts chased with rotations. I then jogged a 1/4 mile in 2:35 and finished with several log throws. All in all about 35 minutes of Fun Work & Hard Play.

Friday, May 25


Schooooooooool's out for SUMMER!

I was in the park next to Deep Eddy swimming pool yesterday, it was also the last day of school, and saw a group of folks working out with a half a dozen Dynamax medballs. I just stood and watched for awhile as my kids played. My older daughter said, "Daddy aren't those your medicine balls?" It was a proud moment for me; even more than seeing this photo of racks of Dynamax medicine balls at the University of Miami.
Our group met and worked very well this week. We ironed out some form problems that are on going. Additionally, we settled on our summer workout times; Monday and Thursday 7:15 am. These guys really care about the group, and I thank them.

Thursday, May 3


More Keeping On Keeping On

Paul and myself were the keepers of the flame this week. Thank you to Dynamax for supplying the photos for this week. We always finish off our Daily Dozen routine with the seated chest pass. This position reduces the legs to ballast and concentrates on the core. It is very important to maintain your spine in constant alignment from the hips. This way you can flex and extend the thorax region (chest & shoulders) as you flex and extend the arms synergistically all the while the lumbar region (low back & hips) is stable. And, it is in this stable lumbar region that one can perceive the finishing point. A warming feeling will occur in the lower back signaling the person to stop. It is when we go past this point that the hips will shift to maintain an muscular advantage but in so doing will compromise any structural advantage. I other words, fatigue is your friend if you heed the feeling.

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