Sunday, August 26


Back to School

Back to School and back to Tuesday & Thursday at 8am. Zilker Elementary school on the covered basketball courts on Ann Arbor Rd. Thank you to everyone for their commitment throughout the summer to keep the group going. Some days it was tough with all the rain during July and the 7am start. But, we will be busily completing our second year on the Second Thursday of October. Robert still cannot believe it. Time to access how we have changed from the past year and look to the upcoming year as a new horizon. My primary sport, golf, has improved documented by my lower handicap and directly attributed to my "secondsport", medicine ball workouts at Zilker Elementary School after dropping the kids off on Tue & Thur at 8am.

Monday, August 6


It's Augest already?

School will be starting soon, Aug. 27, and we will move our workouts back to Tuesday and Thursday at 8am. All summer we have kept up the group by "making a showing". Someone or more have made this workout work. We will celebrate our 2 years of workouts on the Second Thursday of October. I love this old photo and recently bought it.

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