Friday, July 25


What a Month!

This woman has not eaten a medicine ball. Nor, is this woman Alister's wife who is pregnant. But, her tummy does have that classic look of a well stuffed medicine ball. Additionally, Hurricane Dolly stormed ashore in Brownsville, TX Wednesday keeping Ian, that's Paul's son, from his surf camp in Corpus Christi. And, Robert and Dennis returned from their Boy Scout trip to The Grand Tetons where, as scoutmasters, they lead their son's Scout groups into the mountains. Of course, the rain from the hurricane reached Austin on Thursday and brought a half inch of much needed rain. The kids were playing outside getting drenched on this really rare rain day. And oh, we worked out today, but just mark it up as a showing. This summer we have done a very good job in meeting on time and regularly. We will be ther MWF @ 7am through August. You all come.

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