Wednesday, June 15


The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Our medball group has changed venues but not our consistent regard for the Orb of Life. So many years ago we organized our medicine ball group around the fact that our children all attended Zilker Elementary School in Austin, TX. We could conveniently drop the kids off at school in the morning and meet to get our Daily Dozen in before we started the rest of our day. Those days are behind us now and our group has relocated to Dr Medicine Balls own home. We only have 2 lanes for our modest group, but I bring the advantage of fresh coffee at the ready during each workout.
Some thought that the sale of Dynamax, Inc. the maker of the finest medicine balls money can buy would spell the end of my medicine ball days. But, alas I still have the bug for the Orb of Life, just like the ancients. Why even in yesterdays workout Robert brought is son, Richard to join us and I used the opportunity to get Paul and Dennis into a teaching/coaching situation. We should always "endeavor to preserver" when it comes to passing the torch to the next Medballer. Plus, it gave me the chance to wail on Robert with the Orb of Life.

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