Tuesday, December 26


A Texas Blue Northern

This past weekend was cold and wet; 40*, windy & heavy rain. Today dawned bright, 36* & no wind. Bruce showed up and gave Craig the high sign from down the street. Today's photo shows Craig rotating to Bruce; photo thanks to Paul of Paul's Purple Ball, who by the way was a no-show today. Robert is in Chicago and Stephen is miles away in Kyle. Zilker Elem. is on Winter break till after the 1st.
Winter usually starts in January; so, we'll have to watch for the next Texas Blue Northern.

Thursday, December 21


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

This photo is from the Walter Camp papers & archives at the Yale University Library. This configuration, a big circle with a dozen or so men, was a common Military activity around the time of World War I and was also seen at reunions after the war. Today, our group Bruce, Robert, Craig, Stephen & Paul using several balls ranging in weight of 6 to 14 pounds and tossed the medicine ball as our warmup. Good work by all today and plans to continue to meet thought the Holiday break.

Tuesday, December 19


Yule Log

Darth Ball (14#) returned today for our warmup and a finishing drill for Robert. Full range of motion throws such as log throws, hammer throws, soccer throw-ins, etc. Bruce, Robert & Paul had a spirited workout with PPB (8#). Traditionally, Our finishing drill is a seated rotation followed by seated chest pass with the ankles locked down. Today, Bruce tossed in a sit-up & throw to finish the routine. It had the expected result; especially for Robert who insisted on using Darth Ball. Bruce varied the tempo to keep the action from becoming stall. And, Robert was his enthusiastic self on his set.

Thursday, December 14


Order out of Chaos

This post will cover our workouts from Thanksgiving through today.

Here the students at Washington & Jefferson College are playing the highly organized game of Ultimate Medicine Ball. It is this level of free-form chaos we are trying to achieve in our workouts. Actually, these W&J students are playing a game of Push Ball in 1940, this photo is provided by Michael Shaughnessy, Assistant Professor of German and Director of the W&J German Program at W&J. Ultimate Medicine Ball is played with the same rules as Ultimate Frisbee. There has only been one game of Ultimate Medicine Ball ever known to be played and that was in the 1992 Fall workouts for the Univ of TX Track and Field team. Some things just take on a life of their own and that's all I will say on that.

Our workout group has been cranking out a high level of fun and marginal levels of work but as we say "Fun Work and Hard Play" is our main objective.

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