Sunday, April 27


Two Years of Medicine Ball Blogging

Wow, it has been 2 years on this Medicine Ball blog as of April 9, 2008; how about that. I'll take one big "ATTA Boy!" for that, thank you. This Medicine Ball Sit-up & Throw photo is over 50 years old. It is still a good exercise; being fun, cooperative and competitive as well as it takes coordination to perform. We always finish our workout with a similar drill. Our Medicine Ball groups are meeting regularly at 8 am on M & W and T & TH. Stephen and I meet on M &W and on Tue, I join Paul, Robert, Alister & Craig who meet on T & Th. Stephen just successfully defended his dissertation and will soon join the T & Th Medicine Ball group as well as continue on M & W Medicine Ball group. Our plans for the Summer have not been made yet but will soon be announce on this Medicine Ball blog. Come join us ; its free.

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