Sunday, May 17


Do I Really Have the Time

Even the Vanderbilts took time to prepare for their sport of interest. As evidenced by the exercise room on their yacht. Equestrian sports can be very demanding and must be prepared for. Checkout the medicine balls in the back of the picture. Medicine balls have been a primary modern conditioning tool for over 100 years, and remain so today. Joe Paterno said, "The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital". This quote has guilded me for years now and I expect it always will. You have to make the time available. Sometimes by incorporating your primary conditioning objectives secondarily. How in your busy day could you meet your objectives of readiness and still meet the obligations guiding your life? It could be as easy as riding your bike or walking to work instead of driving, having your medicine ball under your desk to use for a few minutes while on break, walking up the stairs, skipping a stair for a little strength augmentation. It comes down to making the time not finding the time. The fun of having your medicine ball at the ready is someone may want to join you for a little Fun Work and Hard Play. You have to make it happen. Imagination can go a long way in helping you meet those goals. Don't settle for mediocre; remember what Joe said the next time your looking for the time to get where you want to be. In our medicine ball group we call it "makin' a showing". Make your showings count over and over again. By incorporating your showing into your lifestyle you can better stay away from the monotony or staleness that will try to creep in. It pays better than the Bank.

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