Monday, July 20


What are we doing, searching for, pursuing with all this EXERCISING?

The answer is elation.

We start out timid; some call it a warm-up.

Followed by dread; also know as the core of the workout. This is where we really get to sweating and huffing & puffing. Fearful thoughts enters, self-consciousness can creeps in, can we...will we finish, how do I look? Who cares! You're "Makin' Your Showing"; just get it done.

Out of which accomplishment comes; you can see the end, you know you can finish and cool down safely. Now for the godlike feeling of ELATION! Or, is this emoting really just feeling alive, happy? That's why we keep coming back for more.
And, I got my showing in this morning; Paul and I had an delightful workout.

That old guy on the left is Old Tom Morris; he won The Open at 46, still the record. He's a little past 46 in this photo, but still playing none the less.
I (checkout my Avatar) woke up this morning and still felt a little hung over by Tom Watson's finish in the British Open at Turnberry, Scotland; a putt to win! The weight of that putt, that moment, the drama, was about as heavy as a euphoric moment can come in sports. Whichever way it goes. Imagine you taking Tiger on, straight up, to #18 for $100 with a putt to win...times a million. I think Mr Watson, 59, took us all to that moment. Of course, it's only a game; "a stupid game" as Rocco said. We all want that moment. I eagled #11 on my home course the other day, which set up a chance to break 80 with a par on my last hole. I walk & carry and it was 105*, I got tied and doubled boogied for an 81; I just gotta get out there again know the drill.

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