Thursday, September 27


The Gangs All Here!

This week's two Medicine Ball workouts went very well. All of us are reconnecting and reexamining our objectives for the coming year. Our group has matured into the exercise routine to the point that very little coaching is done on my part and when I do say something the adjustments take place without a hitch. The spacial and temporal aspects of the medicine ball routine are more clearly understood and actualized. This familiarity allows for real individual styles to emerge within the workouts. It also creates space for new people to join; leaving no one person's workout to suffer because there is plenty of help to go around. And, with most of our children being in the lower grades the prospect of the medicine ball group continuing is enhanced. Because the kids are in school here at Zilker Elementary that insures a continuous participation of the players.
On the "Second Thursday of October" we will celebrate our second year of medicine ball meetings. I personally am looking forward to the next 4 years because my second grader, Isabella, will be at Zilker Elem though th 5th grade. Oh, I almost forgot, I had another birthday last week. A line from a John Prine song goes, "The years just flow by like a broken down dam", so you gotta pay attention.

Monday, September 24


Blogging again!

I have very absent from this task for some time now but I am resolved to keep this thing going just like our group keeps showing up and working their tails off. Last Thursday we had 3 balls working and I did have a sense of pride about that. Tomorrow we will again make our "showing" and step forward for another day. A big thank you goes out to one of our regulars, Paul McCord, he occasionally brings his camera and takes a few photos. He is also going to scan a number of old medball photos I have yet to publish here. I am starting to run short of usable shots. I have boxers, actors, athletes of all sorts, and odd looking medicine balls from days gone by and days yet to dawn. We are shape shifters, dimensional surfers, and reality rejects. Come join us for some "Fun work & Hard play".

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