Thursday, April 27


The Basic Rotation

The illustration is from "The Well Rounded Workout: An Introduction to Medicine Ball Training". The basic rotation is a cornerstone exercise of this groups workout. Bruce arrived a little late and Robert and Paul, a 1st timer, were already warming up. Paul's chemical dependent, as in he teaches chemestry at UT, and is also a rec golfer. Speaking of chem dependence, Bruce is thinking of using DMSO or trying acupuncture on his sore ribs, he's tired of hurting. Robert was his salty-self today, loving smash mouth medball. Paul caught on quickly. See you Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 25


Boston YMCA in the 1890's

The photo was taken a the Boston YMCA in the 1890's; if you look closely you can see one row with the medicine balls above their heads preparing to throw to the other line.Tuesdays group consisted of Bruce, Craig & Stephen with the 4 kg/8.8lb. ball. It was warm and muggie, lots of sweating, fortunatly the day cooled off later though. Robert let us all know he couldn't make it but we have not heard from Tad in a couple of weeks. Bruce was still being tentative because of his sore ribs; injured in a skateboard crash. Craig's form has really improved but today he was trying to coast. Bruce kept after him. And, Stephen showed he still has some stamina from his long distance running background. Bruce had hoped Craig would really wear Stephen out so he could take it easy by catching Stephen, but it didn't work, Stephen rotates about 20+ reps each set. Bruce did discovered that by relaxing his arms and letting his trunk do the work his ribs were less painful. We'll see after Thursdays workout.

Wednesday, April 19


Plenty of balls to go around.

Entry for April 20, 2006
At Zelker Elem. School in Austin, TX every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 8am you can find a group of people, who just dropped off their kids, working out with a medicine ball. The photo/drawing is of a Dynamax medicine ball, the type that the group uses. They do a routine known as the Daily Dozen. The group consists of: Bruce, he wrote the book; Robert, he's the multiplier of the group; Craig, the man with the invisable leg; Stephen, is an acadiem; Tad, has the best laugh of all. It's been 7 months now and the group keeps growing, but that's ok because there are plenty of balls to go around, you all come now.

Sunday, April 9

A sneak peek.

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