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Cornerstone Exercise Addendum

Cornerstone Exercise Addendum: Dennis and I were working out the other day and we started talking about the importance of catching the medicine ball and its relationship to sports movement. In our routine, The Daily Dozen, the catcher/receiver back peddles and returns the ball so that the primary exerciser can progress forward in locomotion. In most sports situations one is more likely to be engaging in an absorbing action rather than a projecting action.

Catching is a vital component of the Daily Dozen that is both overlooked and misunderstood. Dynamax Medicine Balls make an incredible impact absorbing medicine ball. That medicine ball makes it possible for one to repeatedly and safely catch a ball that has been thrown with maximum body force. But, the fact is, that the Dynamax medicine ball can only make catching a thrown medicine ball possible. One must develop a skill in order to repeatedly and safely catch a ball. This skill would relate to the efficiency with which one would control their spatial responsibilities.

As stated in our book, A Well Rounded Workout: An Introduction to Medicine Ball Training, "The relationship between exercise partners should be cooperative, not competitive. It is the receiver's responsibility to perceive and react to the intensity, rhythm and accuracy of the thrower. The receiver must maintain proper spatial relationships and rhythmically block, catch and return the ball in harmony with the action of the thrower."

I feel that catching really is a Cornerstone Exercise and should be recognized as the art that it is. The Daily Dozen is for the most part 'Self Supervising' but the receiver has the vantage point to mirror and to suggest tactics to perfect the movements of the thrower. To be an assistant coach to the self-coached.

Damn, that's some pretty good stuff now that I look back on it. I think I'll expand the line of thought and see what I can come up with. Any thoughts?
Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself. I just posted a comment about not getting any comments and started thinking about my comments and decided to see if there were any comments in past posting and I found this one that I had commented on back in April. Oh fiddle sticks, I'm doing it again. But it's s great restarting place, so wish Dr Medicine Ball well & good luck with that!
Good luck Dr Medicine Ball........and you go get em. I'm completely demoralized now........I better just write the post on I can comment on that. Oh gee, I gotta get out more...........
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Ditto and tho I haven't posted lately my small mind has actively been working on the idea of catching being a Cornerstone. The footwork, target submitting/ hand position, spatial maintenance, rhythm etc
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