Thursday, October 15


Second Thursday the Fourth Time - Medicine Balls for All

Now those are some big balls. This is a photo from the 4th International Congress of Medicine held at Warsaw (Poland? Kentucky? still checking) in May 1927, girls at the Scudder School kicked a medicine ball around, demonstrating health study.
Interesting how the women with their legs up are being spotted from behind.
Our group has consistently met now for 4 years at Zilker Elementary School in Austin Texas. It is very satisfying to lead this group of dedicated workout partners. From a coaching standpoint there is never an end to seeing things to correct. Mostly glaring errors and fine tuning but at this point in the relationship simply using a single word or gesture can bring the correction. Knowing everyone has their own style and having allowed those style differences to develop over the years also creates coaches out of everyone. And, this behavior reinforces the cooperative aspect of our Medicine Ball routine.
Everyone is welcome to join. Beginners are very welcome. MWF @ 7:45am and TTh @ 8am. We have been meeting on the tennis courts on Bluebonnet in the Park next to the school.

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