Friday, August 7


Super Heros and now my Daughter are using the Medicine Ball!!!

Spidey is showing some very good form, much like my daughter who joined our medicine ball workout group today. She had started tagging alone on Monday to run laps while I worked out but today it started out looking like I may have to go solo. So, I asked her if she wanted to join me and she did. The ball weighed 4 kg and I was affaid it might be too heavey, but she did fine. I think I will have her use a 6 pounder next time. I was so impressed with her hanging in thoughout the entire workout. Just passed midway she started to look around like she was trying to find an exit but I told her to use her "will power" and she did! I am such a proud father. Dennis showed up a little late and joined us. That 3rd person always adds a good deminsion to the Daily Dozen medicine ball workout in that a little rest interval is inserted into the routine.

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