Friday, June 19


Summer is just around the corner, and has been here for a couple of weeks already.

Balance is always a good thing. Can you believe this guy. I just spent the last week trying to hold a similar pose. I had to call my Chiropractor to help me straighten up. Look closely, he is even standing on a medicine ball. This is pre Super Glue, so he is doing the pose. This is actually the acrobat Rastelli preforming between 1920 & 1930. I cramp up just looking at this picture of him.
Well, any way, the contribution of balance to movement is one of the most underrated General Physical Skills. We never spend the time and attention to this area of development as we should. We just assume, once you get you have it, but continued attention is needed ancillary to all other General Physical Skill development.
In our medicine ball workouts as we stride along at a given pace; just walking in a straight line can be challenging to our balance. Add in throwing the medicine ball bilaterally and you have a mind boggling task that cannot be explained, only experienced. It's like the old saying, "Can't chew gum and walk at the same time. The neat thing about our medicine ball workout is watching the medicine ball. By watching you see the result of your ability to complete a complex movement. Where the medicine ball goes repeatedly tells the person how successful they are in their execution. The more successful the feeling, the better balanced one becomes. Go ahead try and just put 2 balls on your fingers and one behind the back of your neck. Forget standing on a medicine ball.

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