Monday, June 9


School's Out for Summer!

Get your Medicine Ball "Daily Dozen" every MWF at 7am this summer on the Ann Arbor side (on the BB courts) of Zilker Elementary School in Austin, TX; y'all come. Join us for a great summer conditioning extravaganza. Or, at least a rational approach to fitness & health.

I have recently bought this vintage
"Rawlings" Medicine Ball that is very unique. I have tried to buy this medicine ball for over 4 years and am proud to finally have it. Although, it is small, 10 inches in diameter and weighs only a little over 3 pounds, it may be one of the only surviving medicine balls of this type from a major historical USA manufacturer. The strap/sling goes completely through the medicine ball and anchors on the opposite side. This medicine ball is now the center piece to my collection.

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