Tuesday, September 19


Same Ol', Same Ol'

Habit is the best routine for exercise. Today's group assembled and went right to work. Bruce & Craig started warming up with the 4kg ball and were soon joined by Paul. A ball dropped to the court to signal Roberts arrival and then there was a foursome. Joe walked up and was quickly followed by Stephen as the warm-up ended. Joe & Bruce joined Paul with his Purple ball, and Joe showed a natural sense of rhythm and feel for the bilateral workout. Robert, Stephen & Craig used the 4kg ball. Roberts Yellowjacket did not fly today. After everyone was finished we just hung around and shot the breeze till one of the elementary classes came out and needed the court. A cool front had come through town and it was the most pleasant morning we have had in sometime. Today's photo is entitled, "Still Life with Tree and Medicine Ball"; it comes from Telc, Czech Republic and I think it is very pleasant to look at.

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