Tuesday, September 5


Rainy day Tuesday!

The rain fell slowly all day, from what was left of Huricane John off the Pacific. A great and refreshingly cool change from our usual 100 degree days. Robert brought his new medballs and promptly christened them Darth Ball, the red & black14 lb, and Yellowjacket, the yellow & black 6 lb. "Stinger". Paul had his purple ball and worked with Stephen. Bruce knew Robert would be dying to try out the Darth Ball sooo, without hesitation worked the big ball. Interestingly, in the steady rain the balls were easy to handle and not too slippery. One did have to focus on the ball or it would sneak through and get you, as Robert found out several times. Watching the ball closely and focusing on the target brings the accuracy skill to the forefront. Sunshine is the forecast for Thursday, see you then.

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